I provide the best residential rental accommodation in Weston Super Mare

What do tenants want from their letting agency ? Can I speak for tenants ?

Yes I do know what they require from a letting agency, especially from Moorhouse Lettings.

Tenants when looking to rent a property want value for money. Moorhouse Lettings offers them that.

Once in their rented house or flat tenants want to know that the landlord or letting agency will manage the property efficiently.
I personally manage all aspects of letting providing the highest service.

When tenants call with a property problem then want it fixed straight away. Unlike a high street agency I work from home and as I live locally I can be over usually within an hour.

My property management service is not Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm as unfortunately boiler problems, floods, accidents do not always happen in the day in the working week.
I can't always rectify the problem in the hour but I can call the heating engineer, plumber, carpenter, electrician out and make sure they turn up when an appointment has been made.

An excellent letting agent has good connections. I've built up a rapport with excellent workmen over the years. Tenants are re-assured and the skilled tradesmen ensure that the property is maintained to a high standard.

Tenants also meet me every 3 months for property inspections so I can be proactive, deal with potential problems before they become emergencies.

What else do tenants require ?

Most tenants want long term security and it's imperitive to be honest.

As a landlord and letting agent my Weston Super Mare portfolio is for my retirement pension and so I also want tenants who will make my buy to let their rented home.

Moorhouse Lettings

Moorhouse Lettings provides property management for Somerset and Weston Super Mare residential landlords, carries out inventories, meets potential tenants, checks in and out a property and implements tenacious material quotes for tradesmen and architects.


I have used the services of "Moorhouse Lettings" for the last 3 years and have always been very happy with the service I have received.....



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