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Check out reports take place when the tenant(s) move out. The property should be empty of all the tenant's possessions. This report investigates whether the condition of the property is the same as when the original inventory was agreed and signed. The check out report will indicate if there are any discrepancies between the state of the house or flat when the tenancy was started and the tenancy end. Photos will be taken of damage or items that are not clean or missing. This report will note wear and tear but there is a difference between wear and tear and damage. Lino worn thin is wear and tear whereas lino with tears or holes is damage.

Most deposit disputes will hinge on the disagreement of the state of the property and the definition of "Wear and Tear".

The House of Lords defines fair wear and tear as "reasonable use of the premises by the tenant and the ordinary operation of natural forces".

The three Government approved deposit schemes, The Dispute Service (TDS), Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and mydeposits all have a free dispute resolution service if you disagree with your landlord about how much deposit should be returned. Landlords must take into consideration the following when making a claim:-

  • The original age, quality, condition and expected lifespan of decor, fixtures and fittings of any item at commencement of the tenancy
  • The reasonable expected usage of such an item
  • The number of occupants in the property
  • The length of the tenants' occupancy

You must have an inventory before I can carry out a check out. My Charges for unfurnished check out's are:-

  • 1 bed £60
  • 2 Bed £85
  • 3 Bed £100
  • 4 bed £125
Clean and dirty gas hob. Is this wear and tear or should some deposit be kept

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