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Moorhouse Lettings is a professional property management company. I provide unbiased, detailed inventories, check-in / check-out reports, as well as interim / mid-term reports for the rental industry, catering to Landlords, Lettings Agents and other professional bodies throughout the South West of England. I concentrate my work in Somerset and I am based in Weston-Super-Mare.

Residential property inventories are now extremely important when renting your property. Deposit protection was set up as a compulsory scheme in 2007 when Government legislated that all deposits are to be held by one of the three government-backed tenancy deposit schemes to mediate disputes at the end of the tenancy. I personally use the DPS (Deposit Protection Service), however all 3 deposit schemes do not make inventories compulsory but if it comes to a dispute and proving your position, an inventory is crucial.

Over 75% of the dispute cases The DPS have dealt with have involved, to a greater or lesser extent, a claim for damage or breakages caused to the property above and beyond what would be considered "fair wear and tear". Therefore I enter detailed descriptions on your inventory; as more time and attention spent at the start of a tenancy may save you money later. If the inventory is comprehensive, your chances of recovering any monies are greatly increased.

My Charges for unfurnished inventories are:-
  • 1 bed £65
  • 2 Bed £90
  • 3 Bed £105
  • 4 bed £130

Residential Inventories

As a Weston Super Mare Landlord myself, I know after 25 years of experience the trials and tribulations of being a landlord. I offer a professional inventory service to landlords and include written and photographic evidence of the property's current condition in my reports.

Inventory Check In reports

I carry out check in reports with the tenant and go through the inventory pointing out the marks I identify. Gas, electricity and water meter readings will be taken and the tenant sign stating that they agree the report is accurate and true.

Inventory Check Out reports

I carry out tenant accompanied check out reports, and obtain the tenants signature of the new photos taken if I indicate a problem with something broken, damaged or worn above normal wear and tear.

Moorhouse Lettings

Moorhouse Lettings provides property management for Somerset and Weston Super Mare residential landlords, carries out inventories, meets potential tenants, checks in and out a property and implements tenacious material quotes for tradesmen and architects.


I have used the services of "Moorhouse Lettings" for the last 3 years and have always been very happy with the service I have received.....



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