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Check-in inventory report for a rental property in Weston-Super-Mare

All documents are produced to a professional standard and include embedded high resolution photographs. When I carry out my inventory I take into account every nook and cranny and will systematically assess a room. I am impartial and will states whether a wall has marks etc. The comprehensive inventory I perform on any rental property provides the landlord with peace of mind thanks to an accurate record of the property's condition and contents.

The government-backed tenancy deposit schemes state that photos must be good quality, dated and clearly show the alleged damage or defect. If the inventory has been photocopied, photographs can be unclear and the adjudicator may not be able to make out any damage. So I provide electronic versions of the photos for the adjudicators to judge.

I state if an item is brand new, or enter the date the walls were painted etc. Inventories can be the deciding factor in a dispute (and can even prevent them occurring) so I'm clear, methodical and detailed.

I carry out check in reports with the tenant and go through the inventory pointing out the marks I identify, dirt I have spotted or issues with something broken. Gas, electricity and water meter readings will be taken and the tenant is issued the keys and the inventory is signed by the lead tenant stating that they agree the report is accurate and true.

You must have an inventory before I can carry out a check in. My Charges for check in's are:-

  • 1 bed £35
  • 2 Bed £45
  • 3 Bed £55
  • 4 bed £65

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Moorhouse Lettings provides property management for Somerset and Weston Super Mare residential landlords, carries out inventories, meets potential tenants, checks in and out a property and implements tenacious material quotes for tradesmen and architects.


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