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If you own a flat, house, bungalow, maisonette that you wish to rent, it is advisable to have specialist Landlord Insurance. It is usually a mortgage condition that you have buildings insurance to cover the rebuild costs of your property. Obviously the market is massive and there are many different providers out there. It is up to you to decide on the different services they provide. I have used CIA and Discount Insurance only because I find them tenacious on price.

Why not normal household insurance ? If there ever was a claim you insurance would be void if the insurance company established the property was rented. With so much choice why would you want to breach your mortgage by not having specific landlord insurance.

One of the best features with landlord insurance is the fact that many offer you to rehouse your tenants and pay you a percentage of your rent, in the case for example where there was a fire.

Most landlord Insurance is Buildings Insurance and a small percentage of Contents Insurance to cover the carpets and curtains.

Most tenancy agreements insist that the tenant takes out their own tenant content insurance to cover their personal possessions.

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Moorhouse Lettings provides property management for Somerset and Weston Super Mare residential landlords, carries out inventories, meets potential tenants, checks in and out a property and implements tenacious material quotes for tradesmen and architects.


I have used the services of "Moorhouse Lettings" for the last 3 years and have always been very happy with the service I have received.....



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